Color Cards are an excellent sales tool to show your customers a catalog with line colors, different products and finishes that the company offers.


Color Chips or Color Strips are often used to show a wide color spectrum offered in the color system. They are great supporting tools for points of sale, both commercial and retail, which enable people to choose the color they really need.

color spectrum

Fans Decks are the ideal solution to show a wide range of colors. The number of colors depends on the quantity or spectrum of colors that a company wants to show its customers. They can also be manufactured with seasonal colors, and a reduced number of colors makes them easy to handle.


A practical option for designers, architects and other professionals. Mini Fans Decks or Pocket Fan Decks are particularly functional for field work or any out of office task.


We are authorized distributors of RAL Fan Decks in Latin America. We offer RAL K-5 and RAL K-7 that can be customized with your company logo.


This is another type of color chart, also called calendar chart or catalog book, normally used to present all the product lines of a company.

catalogs for

The versatility of a cosmetics chart, especially when it comes to nail polish, allows the final finish of a varnish applied on nails to be shown by means of a PET with bubbles filled with color.


Fan Decks for the wood industry are a great advantage, since they can show the range of colors applied over wooden surfaces, achieving the appearance of the final paint finish.

textures with
powder paint

Industrial paint finishes, such as cracked or hammered, are obtained with real paint application on thin metal sheets. These paints can be liquid or electrostatic powder.


Color Charts for all types of products such as ceramic grout, floor and wall paints, products with touch-sensitive textures.

wood finish
color charts

Color Charts for products applied on wood, where you can reproduce matte and glossy finishes over wood-like textured paper or on natural wood sheets.